Contract to Close

$325 per transaction

Contract to Close services are offered on a per transaction basis. Agents will be billed on their monthly bill. In the event a transaction for which Contract to Close services were provided does not close, the agent will be reimbursed half in the form of a credit to be shown on the agent’s next invoice. The next contract to close service will be a full payment, regardless of whether it is a repeat client. With Contract to Close services, the BFSIR TC becomes involved only upon receipt of an executed contract from the agent.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm

  • Distribute copy of executed contract to all parties (clients, agent, escrow officer, lender)
  • Send introductory email to all parties explaining Transaction Coordinator role in the transaction
  • Serve as communication liaison between the lender, title company, agents, client (buyer/seller)
  • Notify Office in Rechat to change status in MLS if we represent the Seller (Option, Pending, Sold)
  • Create Rechat transaction file for buyers
  • Upload all required documents to Rechat for review and approval
  • Coordinate delivery of the earnest money deposit & option fee to title company for buyers (if requested)
  • Send calendar invitations to agents and clients for all critical dates (if requested)
  • Follow-up on critical dates for Option Period, Finance Approval, Survey, T-47, HOA, Initial CD
  • Review contract & additional addenda for completion and accuracy; Obtain any missing initials/signatures
  • Follow-up to buyer’s lender for the appraisal status, underwriting conditions, closing disclosure, final loan approval & closing documents
  • Upload Amendments to contract into Rechat. (This service does not include negotiating or drafting Amendments)
  • Obtain repair receipts (if applicable) & forward them to all parties prior to closing
  • Follow-up on completion of CDA
  • Provide list of home warranty companies to the buyer
  • Reminder to turn on/off utilities
  • Reminder to buyer’s agent to schedule Final Walk-Through
  • Reminder to exchange keys and codes
  • Schedule closing and notify all parties
  • Order sign pickup post-closing
  • Prepare a Just Sold Social Media Graphic using MLS image and text to agent to post


  • Some services may be unavailable for non-residential listings.
  • Any Special Provisions verbiage must be provided by agent in writing and must be prepared by an attorney or the client.
  • TEAMS app will be utilized for communication between BFSIR agent & TC’s.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services, please email us: [email protected]
  • TC’s Can:
    • Write & facilitate amendments
    • Audit and assist with Rechat compliance
    • Pull CAD records
    • Facilitate acquisition of support documentation
    • Communicate with Sale Manager for compliance issues or concerns

Reminders for Agent:

  • A La Carte services: Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm
  • Full Service – Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm + same hours as weekend assistance, Saturday 9 – 5 and Sunday 12 -5

Transaction Coordinators do NOT have the ability to:

  • Execute a contract
  • Offer real estate advice
  • Perform agent tasks, such as create CMAs
  • TCs cannot activate MLS listings, post to social media accounts, initiate or facilitate concierge services, or facilitate payments or payment arrangements for 3rd party services.
  • TCs cannot create social media collateral, captions for listing photographs, or process any other marketing requests until the listing is active in accordance with NAR rules and regulations.